Top Ten Underrated Tweeters

Wassup niggas? Welcome to the first monthly edition of “Underrated Tweeters” blog hosted by @iHitModelsRaw, iDWC and them. Rules are u gotta have less than 2,000 followers to be featured on the blog. If u didn’t make it this time around there is still next time. It’s our way of giving back. Enjoy.











Well that’s it. Congrats to the tweeters who made it and good luck to all inspiring tweeters. Keep tweeting and maybe one day Draya will laugh at your tweets like she did mine. Maybe not though. Keep it 300 til the next episode of Dragonball Z


The Friend Zone

The Friend-Zone

With the new Drake joint leaking recently we figured it was time to hit u niggas once again with the new crack that is Typical Confusion. This the fifth time around and in light of Nothing Was the Same we figured what better topic to cover than THE FRIEND ZONE.Friend Zone is like church, nobody wants to go but we all have to go every once in a while. We on some Avengers shit with the line up this time around. We got Thor, real name ( @BaskGod ) that nigga from another planet. We got my nigga Hawk Eye ( @Almighty_Juwan ) who can spot the friend zone from 300 yards away. My nigga Hulk ( @iHitModelsRaw ) breaking down barriers to get to some pussy that was once untouchable. And the brains behind the operation, Tony Stark whose twitter name is ( @iDntWearCondoms ) to pull all this shit together. Sit back, throw on “Wu Tang Forever” and enjoy another gem. See yall niggas at the back of the Carter

Recognizing You’re In The Friend Zone:

The Friend Zone is a very interesting place to say the least. The Friend Zone like being trapped in a lesbian bar you can look all you want but you ain’t getting a whiff of that pussy my nigga. When you meet a chick you gotta stay alert so you don’t trip up and land in the friend zone. Here’s a few situations where you can tell you’re in the friend zone. She got a boyfriend and you trying to get that side nigga box, I see you *daps* but every time you try to make a move she hit you with that “Stoppppp you like a brother to me” Brah you so deep in the friend zone you her Maid of Honor. Or if y’all be texting and you try to turn the conversation sexual with a “😉😋🐱💦” and she tell you she’ll text you later and she text you later changing the subject you never gone taste her brah. If you’re “like a brother” to her you’re gonna find yourself being texted for relationship advice about the nigga that’s fucking her in the ass. If you actually reply to those text you are a better man than me. You probably gonna find yourself in malls holding bags for her or telling her if those jeans make her ass look big. Meanwhile her boyfriend at his sidebitch house playing Madden 25. Back in high school you went over to her house and her parents didn’t even trip when y’all closed the door? Smh poor soul, parents prolly thought you was gay you was so deep in the friend zone. The beautiful thing about the friend zone tho is you can’t be in it if you ain’t that bitch friend.

Escaping The Friend Zone:

You been tryna see what shorty taste like for a awhile now.. But she ain’t even let you get a whiff of it. You realize you’re in hell aka the friendzone. You got 2 choices, get the fuck up outta there or keep letting her call you her “brother.” Only a lame would accept this and stay in it… Now you’re probably asking, how do I get out of this? Try dropping a few hints here & there that platonic friendship really isn’t what you’re looking for cause you’re not a homosexual. Usually ladies will try to laugh this off and say “You so crazy.” After that move on to the next step, which is not showing the bitch attention. You texting her back mad fast while the last nigga she fucked ain’t texted her in 3 days. Coincidence? I think not nigga. Just let her text you first, text back, & when she texts again don’t even respond. Everybody knows the longer it takes you to reply, the quicker she’ll let you get knee deep in them guts. Now if that don’t work, try fucking with her friends.. Women are jealous & emotional creatures. If she notices you heyboo’n her best friend she gonna get possessive cause even though she won’t even let you smell the box you still “her’s.” This makes no God damn sense at all but hey, when do women ever really make sense? After trying these 3 easy tasks, you should have effectively juked ya way out the friendzone… But if not, just text her and tell her you wanna eat her out. She either gonna let you or call you a creep, but at least you won’t be that queer in the friendzone.

Avoiding The Friendzone:

Now u see how to detect the friend zone and how to escape it. Time to show u niggas how to avoid it altogether. Avoiding the friend zone is a crutial skill all men (and women alike) should have. The friend zone is sorta like So So Def Records nothing good has ever come from it. The first thing u need to do to avoid the “Bestie” zone is let her know your intentions up front. Im not saying text the bitch “hey i wanna beat” but sometimes u have to text the bitch “hey i want to beat” Critical gem: DONT LET HER TALK TO YOU ABOUT PROBLEMS WITH NO OTHER NIGGAS. i don’t care who it is. If she text you talking bout “my dad is in the hospital” text back “chill girl u know i ain’t tryna hear u talk about no other niggas except for me” Best Friends give relationship advice, I Don’t.
Remember you don’t have to be nice to her.. Matter fact not being nice is in your best interest. Ever heard the saying “nice guys finish last?” Well this phrase was coined and created by light skin women and has seemed to be embraced by them all.. So don’t be that guy. Another thing to keep in mind is she is a women and she doesn’t know what she wants. So leaving the decision up to her on what your relationship status with her is… not a good idea. See it’s a well known fact that women are as indecisive as Dwight Howard during free agency. Example: You ever get the pussy and then she try to Friend-zone you? I have and trust me its one of the most confusing conversations you will ever have. This is a classic hoe move though this like the Kansas City Shuffle for hoes. And your best bet is to count your losses my nigga let her go… If she want a friend she can use her imagination. So all in all be assertive… Don’t give any relationship advice.. And cut the nice guy act and you too can stay friend zone free.

Well… The Avengers saved the day once again. 5th times a charm (at least thats what i said while trying to pick my ex’s front door lock) and I hope everyone enjoyed this blog. if not, “So?”. Detect, Escape and Avoid the friend zone at all costs. sometimes u just gotta delete a bitch number. “Life funny like that though” – baskgod. A wise man once said “Don’t Be On My Dick And Expe-” wait never mind, wrong blog lol. til next time… Just Hold On, We’re Going Home.

Why She Want A Man Without A Twitter

Wassup yall? This Dame Dash the CEO, here to welcome yall once again to the Dream Team. This time we got the full roster, my brother @BaskGod back again, my niggas @Almighty_Juwan and the first timer @DopeDP , and u already know @iHitModelsRaw and myself. New blog, this the new product for you niggas. We here to educate u this time on why girls sometimes say they prefer to date a man who doesn’t have a twitter account. That’s not fair ladies we wanna tweet too. Anyway, this the new shit we gonna get right to it. I don’t even gotta write on the shit no more. Lets get to it.

Part 1: Her Perception Of Twitter Niggas

The only reason women prefer to have a nigga without a twitter or social networking is so she can get on there & be sneaky. In other words you gotta hoe on your hands. If your girl is allowed to have a twitter & you not there’s a 10/10 chance that you’re sharing the box wit another nigga. Only the niggas get to have twitters in relationships. If the girl you like doesn’t agree then she is indeed a hoe. Beware.
See females like to think that dudes without twitter are different from us fellas with one. Apart from the faggots that like to troll for RTs, niggas with twitters is just that. A nigga with a twitter. Twitter hoes like to say a niggas behavior or opinion is based on “Twitter logic” but like the great NWIR said “This aint twitter logic this is logic we brought to twitter”. You don’t log into twitter and tap into an alter ego. She think its a difference between niggas with twitter and niggas without one because when she log in she turns into a hoe. Just because you have an online persona doesn’t mean everyone else does boo.

Part 2; The Timeline Whore

So a chick finally find some nigga that clearly suffers from mental retardation cause he deleted his twitter for her or won’t make one… This now gives her the green light to get just filthy in the 140’s.. She got aint gotta worry about nobody scoping her tweets like the US was scoping Bin Laden. She might start off with a couple subtle freak tweets such as, “I want sex” accompanied by a or a few of the hoe emoji’s.. She does this cause everybody knows the thirsty niggas that don’t get real life pussy gonna pounce on that like hyenas in the wild.. And you think that’s bad, my nigga she just getting started. Then she start posting thirst traps.. Her in a dress with the cheeks out or the tank top that put them titties damn near on her chin. She’s doing it for attention, cause everybody knows bitc… I mean ladies love attention. Now that I think about it there ain’t a woman in this world that will ever say she’s getting too much attention. So if she can get real life attention from you, & get it from dudes online without you hitting her with a well placed Stone Cold Stunner of course she gonna hoe it up. So do yourself a favor man, go grab your girl arm & tell her.. “If somebody deleting their twitter its gonna be you, cause it damn sure won’t be me.” Either she gonna let you keep composing 140’s & shut up, or you gonna beat her eye out the socket for back talk.. But either way she won’t be being a hoe without you seeing it, right?

Part 3: Why she think men without twitter won’t cheat

The third and probably most stupid reason bitc… I mean ladies say they prefer men without a twitter is because they believe men who don’t have twitter are more faithful. LOL………………. That’s so stupid its funny. Truth of the matter is men without twitter are 78 percent more likely to physically cheat on u then men who do. This is a fact and I know this because I didn’t look it up or research it. Men on twitter tend to flirt with beautiful women on twitter who usually don’t live in the same city or state as him. Men without twitter flirt with beautiful women too…. Except these women DO live in his city. These ladies work at his job, or go to his church, or work at his favorite strip club. So the myth that men without twitter are more faithful is (as everything bitches say) wrong. The only good thing about your man not having twitter is that when he cheats on u at least it wont get retweeted. Bottom line is “Us” so called twitter niggas… The best boyfriends. But you women wouldn’t know that cause y’all too busy listening to that friend you never seen with a man. Lets look at this situation a little deeper. It’s 2013 you think that man without a twitter don’t have any social networks? He probably still on MySpace and Facebook… And you know how filthy those niggas are. I mean the only reason you get a Facebook is to fuck one of them cheerleaders you didn’t get to fuck when you were in highschool. So lets call a spade a spade… And end this myth forever.

What y’all thought it was finished?! Well it’s not! We just recruited somebody new. Nah I’m lying that’s it niggas. The moral of this blog is basically “If she say she don’t want to date a guy with a twitter she a hoe”. Until next time y’all, Cha Cha real smooth

How To Fuck Her Off Tweets



Wassup yall?! You already know who it is and u already know what it is. Time to drop this crack off to u niggas once again. This time we went with the small line up (nh) with @iHitModelsRaw (Wade) my nigga @BaskGod (Allen) my the little bro @Almighty_Juwan (Chalmers) and u already know who got the 6 on his jersey. This blog is specifically designed to informate (if that’s a word) u on the proper way of going about getting a girl from twitter. Me myself have never done this so I’m just guessing but I’m 100 percent sure this method will work sometime. Hope u niggas like it but if not aint like u niggas paid for it. Without further ado, lets get down to business.

Part 1: Timeline Flirting
The first step of this process can be very tricky. Getting the girl from your timeline to your DMs. We all been in this predicament unless you some sort of faggot. There’s several different reasons to DM a chick on twitter but ultimately we want the same thing out of it: some pussy. Before you get there it all starts on the timeline you gotta do a little flirting on there. When she posts a picture and she looking edible you gotta send her the thirst emojis “👀,😋,😍”. If she ignores you, delete the tweet and go back to the drawing board or unfollow that bitch, but if she responds with one of these “👀,🙊,😉,😏” the hoe emojis, You in there. I can only get you this far what you do in the DMs is up to you. You control your own destiny at this point. If you’re lazy you can just do what I do and tell her you would fuck her until eyeballs pop out like a looney tunes character and see where things go from there.

Part 2: The DM’s

You been flirting with this chick in the 140’s for a good while, she “LMAO” at all your jokes even the shit that’s not that funny. It’s time to let that DM fly now young grasshopper.. Niggas DM for different reasons, some want that private conversation some just want they girlfriend to stay the fuck out they business but either way this is for y’all. You sit at home, phone in hand tryna figure out how to let this DM go, cause you know you might only get one shot. The DM game is a cold world, if the chick attractive you know it’s at LEAST 4 other niggas in her DM & on top of that the niggas might have more followers than you so you HAVE to make it count. There’s a couple ways to approach this depending on the chick, you can think of some smooth shit or you can go plain and simple… If it’s a chick that seems somewhat classy you probably gotta take the smooth DM’s, you can’t be out here tryna run wild like you Russell Westbrook in her DM’s. Give her a couple compliments, bitches love those.. If she fine enough, you can even ask her how her day went or some other sap shit like that. One of my personal favorites for those is the late night, “Why you still up” DM.. Shit 75% effective when done right unless she lightskin, all rules fly the fuck out the window with them soulless hoes. Now if you fucked around & DM’d one of these twitter bitches with loose morals its a whole new ball game my nigga.. You can come out swinging for the fences like Barry Bonds dawg. See me personally, I never DM’d none of these bitches in question but yeah you can just tell her some off the wall shit like “I just wanna get drunk & kiss you all in the mouth.” Loose bitches like off the wall shit like that. The point of the DM is to get the number, progress, and make that next move. If you fail though, don’t be afraid to unfollow & report that bitch as spam immediately. Good luck my niggas.

Part 3: Tweet to Text
Ok so you made it from the timeline to the dm and finally to the texts. You feel special but you not. Like it or not you not the only person she texting from twitter even if she lies and says you are. So how do you stand out in a group of thirsty niggas? By being the exact opposite. She already know you from the tweets so stick to that persona. All them jokes she “LMAOOOOO” on twitter, tell those same kinda jokes in her iMessage. Don’t try too hard and don’t look thirsty. Don’t bring up sex a lot but definitely make sure she know that’s what you want. If she live far away like my 8 twitter girlfriends (love u babe :*) then you shooting for the nudes or a plane ticket. And trust me she wants the same thing otherwise she wouldn’t have given you the number. First thing is the nudes. Its getting harder to get these cause she see bitches get they nudes leaked all day on the TL. But don’t be afraid to ask for them. Just remember to add “lol” she already think you funny.. And everything sounds funny with an lol.(remember timing is everything don’t waste any opportunities) Example: “👀👀 let me see your titties lol.” 1 of 3 things can take place from here.. She either gonna laugh it off…. Which means she wanna send but she gonna need a little more time. Just keep the pressure on lightly and she’ll send them on her own. 2 she gonna get mad in which case you delete her number and move on cause she playing games and you have no time for that my nigga. 3 she gonna really show you her titties… Mission accomplished. The plane ticket not gonna be so simple. You might have to fake date her or something. Either way make it known you want to see her.. FaceTime her… Believe me you don’t wanna fly out to see anyone you haven’t FaceTimed. But I’ve never actually been flown out so what do I know.. Just try some different things out after all what you got to lose?

U made it here people… the back of the Carter. LOL im just joking nigga that’s it. Following the steps my homies just provided can get that girl with 250 followers that u scared to retweet (so thirsty niggas wont follow), into ya bed or at least in ya text inbox. Remember, the views and opinions expressed in this blog are all of @iHitModelsRaw so if u get sued for sexual harassment hit him up. Til next time, peace out bitches.

3 Stages Of The ExFactor

As I sit here in front of my ex’s house with “Find Your Love” playing at low volumes I realized its time to hit u niggas with a new blog. Me and @iHitModelsRaw teamed up with the homie @Bask510 to bring u niggas this new crack. This blog is about my favorite past time: my ex-girlfriend. Yall seen the drake tweets, the stalking tweets, the pitiful cries for help and probably wonder: how did it get to this point? This new blog will show u nigga the three stages every man goes through directly after a break up. Its almost summer time so chances are your girl getting ready to take her talents to south beach anyway so this blog really gonna help you out. Hope u enjoy but if not, its like I always say “So?”

STAGE ONE: “The Break Up”

I remember like it was yesterday. When u in love u don’t really think about yall breaking up, that’s why yall write “together forever” on pieces of scrap paper and on each others facebook wall. But forever really mean a few months cuz once it start getting hot your girl gonna wanna pose sexy on Instagram and occasionally have sex with dudes that’s not u. No matter how much u think your girl love u it aint nearly as much as she loves getting 100 likes on Instagram. That’s why she gonna hit u with the “we should just be friends” routine. You not gonna believe it at first, thinking she just taking a break but my nigga she moving on quicker than a Lebron and Dwyane Wade fast break. Yall not gonna be friends, yall not gonna still text, yall not even gonna follow each other on twitter no more. You gonna look up and realize she aint text u back from 5 days ago…. Now u panic. You start making up reasons to text or drive by. “aye girl u left your bag of Hot Cheetoes in my car a few weeks ago and im over by ya house do u want me to drop them off or nah?” you gonna listen to drake when u drunk and sometimes u just call her and talk to her voicemail for a hour or two. You gonna front like u don’t care but u care. You care so much that u get mad when u see she locked her IG page. After a few more weeks of tryna give her back her hot cheetoes, u just get mad and eat them yourself. Every chip stale as defeat.

STAGE TWO: “On Again Off Again”

She’s gone… Or is she?? Man… You can’t believe y’all broke up after all that time and effort you put in. All that money you spent on shit you never wanted to buy in the first place. Now she talking bout she need space… You should hit her with precision like Mayweather jabs till she see stars. But calmer minds prevail cause you really in love. And it seems like no matter how hard you try to keep her off your mind The more shit remind you of her… Songs on the radio cause her car had a radio… Even TV shows cause she used to watch tv.. Now you stalking all her social network sites till you can’t take it anymore… So you text her “hey I miss you” no reply… you just in the room crying while playing 2k13. A half an hour go by you get a text saying “I miss you too” so you think you gotta chance you start feeding her all these shakespearian like quotables… Next thing you know you over her crib eating her pussy… But this just a temporary thing when y’all finish fucking and she tell you y’all still not together you back at square one. And this could go on for weeks, months, and sometimes years. Cause she want to be free but she not ready to be a hoe just yet. So make sure you got lots of alcohol and good friends stage 2 is rough but at least you still fucking.

STAGE THREE: “It’s Over For Real”

It’s over…. Foreal
The last is the toughest stage of this process. When people tell you the girl you been on & off with went & got a new man. As men, usually, we’ll try to play it cool to the person who told us. “Ya know Ashley got a new dude right?” You say “Ashley who” knowing damn well what Ashley they’re talking about. Soon as we get a chance to talk to her tho “… So I hear you got a new man?”. She hit you with “You’re not my boyfriend so I don’t know why you worried about me”. You thinking after everything we been through together she gonna pick some dude she barely knows over ME. Everytime you see her & her new man out in public your stomach just doing backhand springs. You wanna take off on her new man but don’t wanna look lame for fighting over a female. At this point, you start realizing how good of a girl you had and it makes you sick to know you let her get away. Demoralized is a good way to describe this feeling, you know it’s nothing you can do now, it’s over foreal.

In conclusion, that’s all. If u don’t believe anything I ever said please believe that your girl gonna dump u and u gonna look up two years later and be writing a blog about it while listening to the chopped and screwed version of “Find Your Love”. She gonna leave sooner or later, we just tryna show u how its gonna go down. Let me know what yall think, and as they say in Spanish “’til next time bitches!”

Top Ten Hoe Quotes

Wassup yall? Working together, me and @ihitmodelsraw have come up with some new shit for u niggas. Top ten hoe quotes of all time. These 10 quotes have been used by Marilyn Monroe, Kat Stacks and every woman who ever watched a Tyler Perry movie. Hope u enjoy it but if not it aint like u paid money so its whatever.

“He’s like my brother” – if a woman tells u this lie – I mean line* – just know the guy she’s referring to has sex with her behind your back. I’ve been many chick’s “brother” I know what I’m talking about. Matter fact, I forgot to text my “sister” back….

“I don’t get along with females” – when u hear this my brother u better run fast as Usian Bolt because the woman that uttered these words is a hoe. A woman who doesn’t get along with other women naturally hangs around with a bunch of men. And those men have or will have sex with her at some point.

“I’m not looking for a relationship” – You know what I’m not too upset with this one. This is your “partially” honest hoe (no hoe is 100% honest) she’s straight forward she lets you know y’all gonna fuck and that she’ll be fucking other niggas she’s in the prime of her hoe phase and she’s proud of it.. Your only job is not to catch feelings. It’s not as easy as it sounds tho cause she know all the right things to say and the pussy better than life itself.

“I usually don’t do this” – This might be the most overly used “quote” of all… More commonly used amongst the hoes that wanna be wifed and are near the end of their hoe phase.. They want you to believe they’re not hoes so that when your nigga tell you how him and three other niggas had her upside down sucking dick you can be like “nah not my baby.”

“His dick was little anyways” – we all heard this one before. One minute she smiling at your dick pic the next minute she telling everbody on Instagram it’s small. She usually don’t mean it but this is a go to line like “yo mama” so naturally hoes will use it.

“I’m celibate” – Has a hoe ever said this to you?… If so it really means one of two things. 1 she don’t wanna fuck you bro. She just likes your company… she is wasting your time, you’re the gay friend. 2 you gotta spend more money on her. She wanna go out to eat, go shopping at your expense, wined and dined and while you waiting for the green light she taking that $200 doggy bag you paid for to some nigga and letting him fuck raw

“OOMF” – The Infamous “One Of My Followers” might be every twitter nigga’s pet peeve cause you don’t know if your twitter boo is talking about you or her other 2k boos. Matter fact she might not be talking about anyone. She could be just seeking attention either way she’s a hoe and you don’t need the stress.

“If men can do it why cant i?” – this quote came straight from the mouth of a woman who smokes cigarettes, and u know what that means. There are things only men can do and there are things only woman can do. Don’t cross those lines.

“What he don’t know won’t hurt him” –
These scandalous motherfuckers!!! My apologies I just had a flashback but that’s for another blog.This is your boo your baby your queen your everything she texting… sending nudes… fucking… all behind your back and justifying it because she hasn’t got caught… You gotta kill her bruh!!(ok maybe not kill her) Look you gonna be hurt feeling emasculated you just gotta cry drink heavy and fuck as many women as possible.

“Think like a man or get played like a bitch” – between Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry I don’t know who came up with this but women that think like this are women u want no parts of. This quote means “talk to alotta niggas and don’t catch feelings” Beware.

There you have it!!! Me and @IDntWearCondoms first of all wanna thank you for the support.. Hopefully you niggas learned something. Don’t let these quotes go unnoticed and hold your hoe accountable.